Changing your perspective can help heal the wounds.

Matisse once said There are always flowers for those who want to see them.  If we go through our life not noticing the little things,  we lose sight of what is important.  

Each of our moments count

Animals are creatures that, like us, are a part of Nature. They inspire us and make us smile,  give us unconditional love  and dedication.

Today is another day for beginning a new adventure.

Today is another day for beginning a new adventure.  The adventure is in taking steps to move forward in life.  Things change on a constant basis and learning how to adapt to those changes is critical. Discovering what likes, interests, and opportunities that are honestly enjoyed, can be challenging.  Goals set yesterday are required to be reestablished  and adapted to what is currently real honest opportunity. Honest opportunity is to look at what is available, the truthful options, not the illusion of options. Discovery is about the truth of what is actually an option.  Choices for the options become clear and a new vision is set. Then the adventure begins again. That is the reality of living. Time to begin.

Keep focusing on the light

 Keep focusing on the light, its at the end of the road,  waiting for you to get there.