Things you can do to help with your future.

In a world where we are bombarded by media, images, prophecies of doom and gloom 
about over population, climate change, etc., what can the average person do for a better chance of surviving the future.

 Lets start with health, fitness, nutrition, these help keep the body from injuries, 
and helps the body to be ready for disaster. Learning survival skills, wood craft, first aid, can give you a knowledge base to rely on in case of emergency.

Learn about the geographical area you live in, and what warning systems are in place for disaster
notification. Each geographical location is unique. Some areas for example could have flooding issues, 
where you may want to learn how to swim, while others may have fire threats. 

Enhancing your fire prevention techniques could help you protect yourself in an area that is prone to fires. Generally speaking, do what you can to learn about where you are at, and take the needed actions now, to help protect yourself later.