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Less trouble, more rest, sometimes staying at home is best. :)

 Sometimes this little owl  thinks it might be  better just to  stay in the nest!  Less trouble,  more rest,  as  sometimes  staying in is best.  :)
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Learn new ideas set goals make life exciting

  Learning new ideas and setting new goals makes life exciting. Take a step today into the valley of the unknown,  discover something new by trying something new. Unveil the mysteries ahead of you,  it all starts with that first step. There are many days of the year and each one  brings amazing opportunities. Taking steps forward in life often brings to mind new ideas,  thoughts and ways of facing developing or unsteady situations.   Consider new concepts to try Move ahead and find solutions. Take a step You can do it.

Walk in sunshine for an uplifting experience!

Get outside for a bit of sunshine, anytime you can. Small amounts of daily sun time helps you get a good dose of  Vitamin D. This is a vitamin your body needs,  it is good for your health. However, there's more to gain than just vitamins,  Sunshine simply can lift your spirits. Sunshine helps to brighten up things,  setting a new perspective on the moment. Take a walk in sunshine for a great uplifting experience. Sensing your surroundings of nature and all its beauty,  while the sun warms you, can't help but improve one's overall mood. Celebrate life's positive gift of sunshine. Embrace the warmth, comfort and healing aspects that it offers. Just a few minutes a day is good. Too much sun without proper protection, can be a problem. (look into sunscreen options for outdoor activities) Improve your mood by stepping into the sunlight. It can be very effective when dealing with stress or downer times. So get outside and enjoy the sunshine whenever possible.

Taking a walk through a small bird sanctuary

Out for a swim on the lake, for this family of Canadian Geese! Taking a walk through a small bird sanctuary  and watching them working together as a team, was inspirational. The mother goose was very informative,  they have their own way of communicating. All the goslings follow a clear direction from her. Nature is always amazing.  This family of Canadian Geese decided that it  was time for everyone to learn how to swim. The parents carefully teach the young  what to do as far as getting into the lake,  where to go and when to get out of the water. Learning how to swim was  their big challenge of the moment. This is similar to how we as humans,   also need to learn how to adapt and swim in the watery moments of life.   Finding our way through the water, safely swimming to  our destinations and learning when it is time to leave situations.